Scandalous statements made by the president of PETER LIM at Valencia CF

 #LIMGate. Episode 1

Anil Murthy to Carlos Soler: “If you go out for free in January, I'll kill you with all the press. I will put the 100,000 euros”

cover of the sports newspaper "superdeporte"
Cover of the sports
newspaper "superdeporte"

Threats to the VCF franchise player

According to "superdeporte" in its today's edition, the Spanish daily sports newspaper collects the incredible statements made by the president of Valencia CF about the internal workings of the Spanish club. In the recorded audio, Murthy threatens his franchise player if he does not bring money to the club. 

In some first audios published on Sunday night by the Valencian sports newspaper Superdeporte –announced more deliveries–, the president is heard talking about the sale of José Luis Gayà and Carlos Soler, two of the team captains, whom he threatens to discredit, especially the second, using the related press. In those same recordings, Murthy also censors the technician, José Bordalás.

“If you go out for free in January, I'll kill you with all the press. I am going to put the 100,000 euros into it”, says Murthy. "Everything to kill him?" ask his interlocutors. “Yes, to kill him”, replies the president, explaining that he spoke with Soler, or his entourage, and threatened to launch a smear campaign, through a certain sector of the related press, if the player did not get transferred this summer.

Since the surprinsing dismissal of the coach "Marcelino" and the general director "Mateu Alemany" in 2019, the club has entered a spiral of economic and sporting destruction that has the city of Valencia on a war footing. The fans do not understand the passivity and attitude of the largest shareholder who does not give any explanation or show concern for the difficult situation of the club.

The newspaper "superdeporte" has announced that it will broadcast new audios in the coming days. The ways of managing the club of the owner of Meriton Holdings do not stop surprising us, for bad, very bad.

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